Cher's Mother Georgia Holt Dies at 96

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By Matthew

Cher's mother, Georgia Holt, has died at the age of 96.

Holt was an actress, model and singer, with roles in films and on TV, including I Love Lucy.

Cher previously opened up about her mother's health, saying she would get tested for COVID-19 "all the time" and tried to be "very careful" with her elderly mother.

In 2013, Cher spoke about lessons she learned from Holt throughout her life, saying they learned about life by listening to her talk about the things she did wrong and right.

Holt was married and divorced six times, but "probably would have been married just once" if she grew up in a different time, according to Cher.

Cher revealed that Holt always "stressed the importance of being sure that the person you are with is the person you love."

Holt released her debut album, Honky Tonk Woman, in 2013, which she recorded in the '80s.

In 2013, around the release of Lifetime's one-hour special Dear Mom, Love Cher, Cher spoke about her mother's influence on her life and career.

Holt was born in Arkansas in 1926 as the daughter of 13-year-old Lynda Inez Gulley and 21-year-old Roy Malloy Crouch.

Cher shared the news of Holt's death on Twitter, saying "Mom is gone" with a sad-face emoji.